01 - Resource Engagement Process

In the Resource Center of PWA, some resources require an Engagement approval: look at the new field “Requires Engagement”. That’s the Resource Manager who specified this setting in PWA for critical resources which need to be tracked accurately:

Assign some of these resources in Project Pro Gantt chart.

Then publish the project and wait several minutes.

If the yellow icon  warns that an Engagement is required:

“Some of the assignments for this task are not fully covered by engagements”.

Right Click on the yellow icon in Gantt Chart.

Click on View in Task Usage menu

In the Task Usage view, Right-Click the yellow icon

Select Create New Engagement in the popup menu

Or Click on this button in the left panel:

The new Engagement Information dialog opens:

Same thing for all the resources which need an Engagement:

File / Publish

The yellow icons turn to gray color:


There is a draft engagement that would cover this assignment. You need to submit this engagement for approval

At last, you must Click on Submit my engagement for review

The message changes: “There is a proposed engagement that would cover this assignment.

Someone needs to approve this resquest in order for this assignment to be compliant.

Figure 1: Someone needs to approve this request…

Do the same for the other assignments.

File / Publish

In PWA, the Resource Manager goes to the Resource Center

In the Resources ribbon, Click on the Resource Requests button (on the very right).


The two new Resource Requests (Proposed) are highlighted in orange color:

You can select one Engagement and Click on Edit Engagement:

NB: The task assignment is not displayed in this view.


Select the Proposed Engagements and then Click Accept

The two new Committed Engagements are marked with a light green color.

Rejected Engagements turn to the same light green color, but we cannot Edit them anymore, and they don’t have any Committed Work.

Note the two kinds of view available here: Sheet and Timephased Data:

When all the Engagements are Accepted or Rejected:

The Project Manager goes back to Project Pro: “No conflicts here!” In the Task Usage view:

Figure 2: No conflicts here!

Information on Engagements

In PWA, in the TASK ribbon of the Schedule page of the project, Click on the Resource Plan button.

This button opens Project Professional

In Project Pro, we arrive in the Resource Plan view.

In the Resource Plan view, the Project Manager can check the Engagement status: Proposed or Committed or Rejected.

Different Engagement Status with colors of the Resource Requests view in PWA.


Click on the Engagements tab

Select an Assignment, in italic.

Click the Information button.


Question :

If there are several Resource Managers in the company:

Where and how can we specify that for this named or generic resource, the specific Resource Manager is...

Does it implie the RBS?


We do not have a field that will map a resource manager to a resource.  It is possible for multiple resource managers to be able to manage requests for the same resource.  If you are in SharePoint permission mode, anyone with the “Resource Manager” role will be able to view all requests and can filter out which resources they want to see requests for in the resource center page before clicking through to the resource requests page.

For the first release we did not add a new field for resource manager but it is something we can consider for the future if enough customers find it necessary.

Engagement completely independent from any Assignment

In the Resource Requests view of PWA, it is possible to create an Engagement completely independent from any assignment. Click the Add Engagement button in the Engagements ribbon.

By default this new Engagement gets the Status Committed:


In Project Professional 2013, the implied project displays a warning:

“New resources have been committed to your project”.

A Click on the “View Engagements” button opens the Resource Plan where a specific icon signals the new Engagement which comes from PWA:

“This resource was added to the project because a new Engagement was created and approved by a Resource Manager”

Creating an Engagement from the Resource Plan

You can select a Resource which will be the default one for the future Engagement.

Click on the Add Engagement button in the Engagements ribbon:

And then Click the Submit button.

By default, this Engagement Request appears as Committed, but the Resource Manager can Reject this Engagement.

Of course this rejection is passed on the Resource Plan in Project Professional 2013:


Engagement Request for a Generic Resource

Our Generic resource “Expert Métier[1]” has been granted the setting: “Resource requires approval for all projects assignments”:

In our Enterprise resources, we have 9 named resources with this SME role:

In the Gantt Chart we assign this generic resource to our “Task for SME”:

The yellow icon appears.

Right-Click the yellow icon:

In the pop-up menu, select View in Task Usage.

In the Task Usage view, Right-Click the yellow icon or Click on the “Create and save new engagement” on the left hand panel:

Click OK: The icon color turns to gray:

Don’t forget to click on Submit my engagement for review:

In the Resource Plan the PM may check that the Status is Proposed:

Replace Generic with Named Resource

In PWA, the Resource Manager goes to Resources > Resources Requests

“Expert Métier” is a generic resource

Figure 3 : Filter on GD_Rôle field = Expert Métier (SME)

We activate this filter in the Resources Center page of PWA :

We select one Expert Métier (SME): Richard GERE.

Click on the Resource Requests button :

If you requested a generic resource, the resource manager may have swapped it out for a named resource in that role:

The way you can do this is when you start on the Resource Center page, select the generic resource plus any named resources you might want to swap them out for, then click on the “Resource Request” button in the ribbon.  The resource drop down in this view is filtered to all resources that were selected in Resource Center so this should show you everyone you selected on the previous page.

In the Resource Name field, there is a drop-down list which allows the selection of another resource, especially a named resource.

We select “Richard GERE”

Click Accept:


The Engagement of Richard GERE to this period is now Committed:


When the PM comes back to Project Professional 2013, in the Resource Plan view, s/he can notice that:

·         EXPERT METIER non longer has any engagement

·         Richard GERE got an engagement which is already Committed

Note: “This resource was added to the project because a new engagement was created and approved by a Resource Manager”.

In the Resource Sheet, EXPERT METIER is still there, but a new resource has been added: Richard GERE.

The same icon  says “This resource was added to the project because a new engagement…”


In the Gantt Chart, EXPERT METIER is still assigned to the “Task for SME” but we are able to replace him by Richard GERE:



“This resource was added to the project because a new engagement was created and approved by a Resource Manager”.

When all the discrepancies between the new “proposal” and the “Committed” data about Max units and about Duration, Dates…, all the yellow icons disappear.


Capacity and Engagement Heatmap

Look at the view Capacity and Engagement Heatmap:

In the Capacity Planning page, in the drop-down list of Views, select Capacity and Engagement Heatmap


Well used


In the project “Engagement overallocated”, there is an Engagement that has been accepted while it was in conflict with a previous existing engagement for the same resource in another project.



Warming up for the MVP summit…..we have a couple of teams that are reviewing the resource engagement with their customers, and one of them gave me some pretty good feedback yesterday.  Figured I’d share it in advance of our sessions this week.  Note that some of these may indicate a lack of support material rather than functionality.


1)                  Once rejected, the RM cannot modify the engagement again, i.e. to un-reject it. Recommend including that as a use case.

2)                  We used to be able to get the engagement to show up in “Draft” mode, but that seems to have gone away with an update to the desktop client. Is there something we are missing?

3)                  The engagement approval screen does not support the addition of custom fields. This makes it difficult to see information about the specific assignment and/or resource requested

4)                  Resource Request view (MPP) does not display FTE units, however, the Resource Capacity (PWA) does. It would seem that these should be displaying the same information in the same format?

5)                  Deleting an Engagement Request removes all historical Engagement Request data. Can we at least include a confirmation dialog on delete?

6)                  Deleting resource from the Resource Plan removes the resource from the project and all assignments including actuals. There is a confirmation if there are actuals, however, there is no confirmation if there are not actuals. There really should be a confirmation whether or not there are actuals.

7)                  Consider the following scenario: A PM requests a developer. The RM responds by reassigning the engagement to two named developers.  The PM is then challenged to figure out which approved requests correspond to the original request for developer. It would be good if there was a unique ID that allowed us to map the approved engagements with the original request.






[1] SME : Subject Matter Expert