47 - Resource Engagement Process

In the Resource Center of PWA, some resources require an Engagement approval

Assign some resources in Project Pro Gantt chart

If the yellow icon  warns that an Engagement is required, saying:

“Some of the assignments for this task are not fully covered by engagements”.

Click the View in Task Usage option

Right-Click the yellow icon

Select Create New Engagement

New Engagement dialog:

Same thing for all the resources which need an Engagement:

File / Publish

The yellow icons turn to gray color:  meaning “Draft Engagement


There is a draft engagement that would cover this assignment. You need to submit this engagement for approval

Click on Submit my engagement for review

The message changes : There is a proposed engagement that would cover this assignment.

Someone needs to approve this resquest in order for this assignment to be compliant.

Do the same for the other assignment: Diana

File / Publish

In PWA, the Resource Manager goes to the Resource Center

In the Resources ribbon, Click on the Resource Requests button (on the very right).


The two new Resource Requests (Proposed) are highlighted in orange color:

Select the Proposed Engagements and then Click Accept

The two new Committed Engagements are marked with a light green color.


The Project Manager goes back to Project Pro: “No conflicts here!” In the Task Usage view:

Figure 5: No conflicts here!


Information on Engagements

In PWA in the TASK ribbon of the Schedule page of the project, Click on the Resource Plan button.

This button opens Project Professional

In Project Pro, we arrive in the Resource Plan view.

Click on the Engagements tab

Select an assignment, in italic.

Click the Information button.