30 – Autorisations indisponibles dans Project Online

Plusieurs Autorisations ne sont pas disponibles dans Project Server Online :

Par exemple : dans la page Project Web App :



Manage Exchange Integration

Gérer l'intégration d'Exchange

Allows the users to manage Out of Office sync with Exchange.

Manage Server Events

Gérer les événements du serveur

Display the Server Side Event Handler on the PWA Settings page in PWA

Manage Active Directory Settings

Gérer les paramètres Active Directory

Displays the Active Directory Resource pool Sync link on the PWA Settings page in PWA. Allows a user to manage all Active Directory setting to sync AD with Enterprise Resource Pool and with Security Groups

Manage Notification and Reminders

Gérer les notifications et les rappels

Allows a user to access the Alerts and reminders page in PWA and to setup the email settings.

Manage SharePoint Foundation

Gérer SharePoint Foundation

Displays the Project Sites links, Bulk Update Project Sites link, and the Project Site Provisioning Settings link on the PWA settings page.

Allows a user to access the Project Site Provisioning Settings page to specify how the system provisions project workspaces

Manage Cube Building Service

Gérer l'intégration d'Exchange

Displays the OLAP Database section on the PWA Settings page. Allows a user to specify the settings for OLAP Cube creation and to build the Cube.

Manage Resource Notifications

Gérer les notifications de ressources

Displays the Manage My Resource's Alerts and Reminders link in the Personal Settings page