112 - Synchro AD vs.Ajouter des ressources / A partir
d'Active Directory…

AD Sync vs. Add Resources from Active Directory

La Synchronisation AD – Project Server synchronise les ressources entre AD et Project Server. Si elle est bien configurée dans

AD sync in PWA synchronizes the resources between AD & Project. IF configured
rightly it add AD users in PWA & Resource Pool. This is the preferred method
to add resources in MS Project Server.

Where as Assign Resource / Add Resoures from Active Directory simply adds
the resource to that project for assignment. Added resource might or might
not have login to Project. So that resource will be added as local to that
project rather than from Resource Pool. To confirm, add a resource from AD
using this option. Once added in a project, go to Tools > Build Tem from
Enterprise. On right section you'll see the added resource as local rather
than as Enterprise.

To understand AD Synchronization in depth, check this link.